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Last F1 race in Abu Dhabi tonight.

GO FOR IT NICO! I'm going for you tonight. You can win it.

oh how I know

This is me with my son. Every single day.


Happy Halloween.

Yesterday was Halloween and I finally had a chance to get the kids dressed up. We don't usually celebrate Halloween in Australia but Henry's school were holding a Halloween fundraiser. Henry had decided he wanted to go as a Ghostbuster. It was brilliant. I made his costume myself and even drew the emblem on his backpack. He had so much fun zapping all the ghosts at the party. Holly was dressed as a gorgeous Jack'o'lantern and Daisy wore a purple tutu with a 'boo' shirt. We had a lot of fun.
I never knew quite how much my Mark loved me until last night. It really is unshakable. I hope that I deserve it.

Aug. 27th, 2014

Nico was wrong to challenge this but it wasn't deliberate. He didn't intentionally deflate Lewis' tyre and Lewis needs to stop saying that Nico admitted he did. 'I didn't want to back off' means he wanted to race him not take him out of the race. Also, why did Lewis go public with his comments after the meeting when something like this should essentially be dealt with internally. He just likes to complain.


I'm seeing Courtney Love live on Friday! I can't wait.

Best picture ever!

Daniel Ricciardo as a boy.